Friday, October 31, 2008

Kindergarden Halloween Parade!

Zyan got to wear her costume to school today for her Halloween Party and Costume Parade. I love the cute picture face she always makes. My camera was a little slow as the parade came at me so fast, I had to take a picture of her in the class room! Chazz didnt want me to leave him out from the post either so he smiled his best in his Halloween clothes! Happy Halloween!

Thurs. Oct 30

I love Zyan so much!!! Our life would be very dull with out her! Last night I picked her up from her dance halloween party, which was so much fun for her. She started in on the treats before we got home(which is like a 5 min. drive at the most). She choose to chew a laffy taffy and her tooth was pulled loose! Its the one right next to the one she just lost on the bottom. Needless to say the night was filled with tearful concerns about how she will never be able to eat again, and how her mouth will fill with blood, etc. etc. etc. By 8:00 I was so glad it was bed time!!!! In addition to all the fun we had with another loose tooth we carved our halloween pumpkins! The girls did one together and the boys did one together, Zyans jack-o-lantern was created in her likeness, missing 2 bottom teeth and Chazz had to make his SCARY!!! We are all excied for Halloween here and to spend it with the Hinckley Family!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Zack's 32nd Birthday Party!

On Friday (Halloween) we are going to celebrate Zacks birthday. We will have a Chili dinner at our house and then do some fun Halloween stuff, like trick-or-treating!!! Bring your costumes and an appitite!

22 Week Dr. Visit!!!

Well everything went really well. Well except for the fact that I gained 6 lbs in one month so far 12 lbs total!!(I hate french fries, cheesecake, candy bars and all the sweets I ate for doing that to me.) So that means in 16 weeks we will be able to meet our newest family member!!! Wow, time flys until the last couple months....then they cant go fast enough!(if its not adding up for you I get to have the baby 2 weeks early!!! SO LUCKY!)
Then I had a Ortho appointment, and got to see Bethany(which is always a treat!). I got a power chain on the top which is giving me a huge headache! I just need 2 of my bottom teeth to rotate and then I can get a move on with a stronger wire on the bottom and elastics. I cant wait to be done with these braces and the cuts they make inside my mouth!
Zyan has some special news, she is having her room painted! Right now she has 1 wall that is bright purple, 2 walls will be light pink and one wall with butterflies and flowers she was given by Aunt Cali! I think it will be awesome when its all done, and I get the purple paint off of the white celing!(OOPS.)
That is all our news for the last 2 days.

Monday, October 27, 2008


yea we sold our washer and dryer.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Washer and Dryer!

Hello everyone. This is a lame post, but I got a new washer and dryer(yeaaaa I love them!) So basically I was posting this to see if anyone one knows of anyone looking for some. I posted on craigs list today but If anyone wants them we will sell em for $150.00. I just need them out of my basement so zack can get started on my craft closet, so I can free up the nursery for paint etc. etc. etc.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Toothfairy Time!

Zyan lost her first tooth this morning while eating her pancakes! She was scared at first because she bit it. Then she freeked out when her mouth filled with blood from the tooth. I had to explain that it was normal and that it would stop. She was so excited she tried to call Granny Goose right away, since she was already at school she decided to call Aunt Erin, then Grandma Nebraska. Right now she just asked if Granny was done with school yet! 5 years old and lost her first tooth!

Burnt Hair!!!!

I tried to crimp my hair today and totally burnt off a whole section in the front!!! It smelled so bad! I was just crimping the top layer so its the top layer right in my part. Needless to say I was a little ticked, but there wasnt anything I could do about it either, whats done is done, so I choose to laugh about it. Anyway from this experience I have thrown that iron away and found a new way to part my hair, it looks like a comb over slightly, but i guess in a way it is! I found this out when i was brushing my hair and it kept coming out in my brush like I was having chemo treatments, sad I know.

Nebraska Trip

Zyan Chazz and I went on a weekend vacation to Omaha, Nebraska to visit my side of the family. We traveled 6 hours on Wed Oct 1 and 8 hours on Oct 2, finnally arriving in Omaha at 6:30 in the evening. It was so much fun to watch the kids interact with thier Grandma Nebraska, Aunts Heidi and Holly and their cousins Sabrina, Sierra, Sutton, Tyler and Trevor. The kids loved being at Grandmas house because their were friends there all day long(my mom has a daycare)! On Saturday All the Adults met up with my Grandma Dorothy and went out for lunch together, then we all took a trip downtown to the Omaha Childrens Museum to play. After that I went out for the night with my highschool friends to dinner and a pub that had a mechanical bull to ride(I didnt ride it, but I laughed at all those who did!) On sunday we took a trip to the Omaha Henery Dorley Zoo! What a magnificent Zoo it is! It gets even better each time I visit. They seem to always have a new indoor attraction. On monday I went out for cheesecake with my oldest sister Heidi, Holly had to work that day so she couldnt come. Then we awoke on Tuesday for the longest drive of my life!!!!! The trip totalled 16 hours with food and potty breaks included, I was so exhusted! I swear I will never drive that all in one day alone again!!!! But who knows anything is possible!