Friday, September 18, 2009

Zoey Lou

Is she really 7 months old? She is still not rolling over but she sits up like a champ. Her sqeaks and squeels melt our hearts. We really love having her in our family and cant wait to see all the fun she adds to us. I had to visit teach today and it turned into almost 2 hours long...I guess we are chatty patties, and Zoey went with me and missed her morning nap. I put her in the jumperoo to get some work done and came back to her sawing logs!! It was so cute I have to take a picture!


Chazz is so excited to be in Pre-Kindergarden Preschool! I think he may already be ready for Kindergarden!(minus a few social/behavioral He can already write his name and count to 35 with no mistakes! He is smart incognito, meaning he would never let on that he is. He is so funny lately he is such a sneek, I often catch him with popcicles he didnt ask for or watching tv with out asking etc. I love his independance! His first soccer game is on Saturday so we will see how this year is...Oh yeah I am the coach (look out).


Zyan is loving first grade! I thought I would be so happy to have her in school all day long;however, I do miss her so by the end of the school day. She is such a smarty pants and does very well in school. She is a great big sister to Chazz and Zoey.