Tuesday, January 27, 2009

27 days left!! to get everything ready for Zoaz or Boey!!!!

How this time has flown by! Its funny to see things SLOWLY coming together before the baby comes. We had a few minor house modifications to do so we could give my scrapbook room to the new baby. I am excited to have 3 new basement closets, one of which will be my craft closet, so dont feel to sad for me that I lost my scrap room ;)! As soon as the closets are finnished we can move all my junk out of the baby room and start on it. Zack wants to put hard wood flooring in there (left overs from our last house), I want a closet organizer. Other than that its minor things like painting the walls and celing, and a new light for the room. Typed up like this it seems pretty do-able;however, I would bet that Zack will be putting the finnishing touches on the room while I am at the Hospital....just a hunch. I am getting along pretty well, My hips are going numb when I sleep and I am plagued with a small bladder, I think all in all, I am really doing great! Zyan and Chazz are getting excited for their Birthdays coming up and also excited that the baby will be born right in the middle of their Birthdays! But I think they are more excited for their own Birthdays!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Surgery Time!

I had another Dr. Visit on Tuesday and I found out the time of my c-section and the delivery of little baby Hinckley....7:30. So if anyone would like to come and see the baby I would say be there around 8 or so. Its scheduled at the IHC medical center in Murray.