Friday, May 29, 2009

Backyard Addition!

Zack has been hard at work in our own yard! He created a cool fire pit area and planted some trees around it. I am amazed at his creativity and love for landscaping. I planted some seeds with the kids and a few veggie starts, one has already been eaten by bugs :(. We love the summer and spending time in the outdoors, and now I love spending time in MY backyard! Our goal is to have a back yard you can feast on. So far we have strawberries, raspberries and black berries that come back every year. Hopefully we can get some berries to harvest this year, so far the strawberries are looking good (and tasting good too!). Also my herb garden is looking good too, with spearmint, chives, and sage going strong....basil, thyme and rosemary on the way!! We hope to add a grape vine this year when zack makes us some shade over our patio (I cant think of the word he always uses for it.). Also there are dreams of an apple tree, peach tree and or a pear tree, wish us Luck!!

Harry Potter Fans!

I love 4 year old imaginations!! Who needs to buy costumes when they dream up things around the house you already have! Zack whittled the kids each their own wands and they were so excited to "cast" deuling spells at each other! My family loves HARRY POTTER!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day!

Happy Mothers day to all of you Mothers out there! I have had a great day, this morning Zack filled my order of pancakes and bacon! Then I was presented with my Mothers Day gifts! Two bird houses (Zack helped Zyan and Chazz each make me one), a flower pen Zyan made at school, and a heart with hand prints Chazz made a school. It was a very relaxed morning for me and I loved it! Later we went to Diane and Gordons for Dinner, then to visit baby Mac with Josh and Cali.
Motherhood is such a fun blessing! It amazes me how fast children grow and learn, and how you love each of your children.
I also am greatful for the examples of Mothers I have in my life, My own Mom, Diane, My sisters and My sister in laws and great friends. I love watching and learning from all of them.
So at the end of this day I am greatful for the time I have to spend with my children and for the time my children get to have me as a mother!

Out with the OLD!

I have been inspired by my sister-in-law Michelle, and my friend Missy to do a little re-decorating. I just moved to my home 1 year ago and I have finnally became so bored with one of the bathrooms(I have had the same decor for at least 5 years) I decided to spice it up a little bit. I am in the process of removing and painting so here is the before and I will present the after when I am is to a short redecorating(hopefully Zack wont step in and rip up the floor!(maybe I wouldnt mind..hehehe)).