Friday, August 27, 2010


Chazz was trying to pop-a-wheely and screwed the whole thing up! But he did get some cool road rash and stiches in his eyebrow. So what is cooler, stiches or pop-a-wheelys????

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nebraska Trip day 4

Omaha Henry Dorley Zoo how I do love you! If you are ever even thinking about visiting Omaha NE this is hands down one of the stops you MUST make. This zoo is not only beautiful but is a whole day ADVENTURE! From indoor exhibits that take you to a jungle or a desert in the night or even an adventure to the artic and under the see. There is simply nothing that I have ever seen that compairs! My sister Holly was the photographer at the Zoo so I have to get some pitures from her but I did snap this shot of me and one of my best friend from Elementary school through High School Danah!! What a wonderful suprise to see her there. I will have to scan in a piture I found of her and I as grade schoolers at the petting zoo there!!!

Nebraska Trip day 3

I dont have any pictures of this day yet but we got to hang out with my whole family. Yes the whole family. My Dad, Sara and Kathryn and Ashley drove from Waterloo IA to hang out with us. My Dad really Never gets to see my whole family because we live so far away but it was such a great time and I am glad he made the trip. We had a big BBQ at my sister Heidi's and her friend Joe made us some very yummy ribs. We enjoyed a NE firework spactacular which included all of the illegal Utah fireworks!!!! (meaning they were all in the sky, here they have to be on the ground or they are illegal(LAME)) Very fun and very enjoyable.

Nebraska Trip!

Well its been a month since my trip and I finnaly have a free late moment to blog about it. Zack decided to grace us with his presence and drive 14 hours with us to visit my side of the family. We started off on July 2nd and drove to Cheyenne Wy. We finnished the 7 hour leg of the trip the next day and drove to my uncles farm in weston Ne. On the way there Zack made us stop the car and take a picture next to the corn. We then had a delicious 3rd of July BBQ and the boys had a lot of fun doing fire works. Zyan was so happy to see their horses. Then we finnished the hour drive from weston to Omaha that night.