Sunday, July 26, 2009

Where did July go?

We have had the most fun summer! We have had what seems like an endless vacation with so many fun things done with family and friends....the list started at Cherry Hill to celebrate Zyan and Chazz finnishing school, and being great students. The next weekend was a celebration of Mac's birth with boating with the Maughn family at Willard Bay. Then came the 4th of July weekend with a reunion at Mike and Erins...we had a dinner with Bryson's (our nephew) birth family. Then on the 4th we had a fun BBQ with the New Peak Circle gang! The next weekend was a fun time at Raging Waters and then some fun times at the Herriman beach with a Trip to Yuba Lake with our neighbors.(These two beaches dont even compair, Yuba was way nicer...maybe it was the boats.) This past weekend we had a family reunion at plain city utah and a bithday party for my AZ nephews! Monday we went to Lagoon, and then back to the Herriman beach! With all these outdoor activities why am I not TAN???? I will post some pictures later when I have some more time.!