Tuesday, December 23, 2008

February 23rd!!! Mark it down!!

I am excited to tell you the date of our new family member.......February 23! I didnt ask the Doctor what time because I was hoping the day would be sooner than that(oh well). I go back in 2 weeks so I will ask him then and update you!!!!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our Christmas FHE, treat!

Well for Zacks birthday he got a gift card for Red Lobster from my Mom. We decided to save it for a special Christmas FHE date night! The kids are total fans of sea food and love their cheddar bay biscuts. We had a lot of fun together there and had our lesson on the way home about Charity and how its means Christ like love. I tried to explain that is why we donate food to food banks, blankets to the homeless ect. and preform service. The best part of having FHE is when one of your kids has something sink in and says it all on their own. I was taking Chazz to preschool and the radio said something like "so what is Christmas all about any way", in a jingle. Well Chazz took that as a direct question to him and awnsered "It's about Jesus's Birthday...duhhh"....It gave me a real chuckle that he knew why we celebrate Christmas because he has a very hard time sitting in FHE, and I loved the added bonus of the duhh, like everyone should know!!!! Having kids to teach about the Gospel and Jesus Christ is a great responsibilty, at times challenging. yYet laced and sprinkled with loads of Laughter and Fun!

30 week belly shot!

I thought I was big at 25 weeks, well now I am thinking that was pretty small compaired to now! So here is what I look like at 30 weeks almost 31.....wow this is flying by!---By the way Zack is plowing so this was a perfect oppertunity to post this with out any harrasment! (j/k)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

8-10 weeks left to go!!!!

I had my glucose (gestational diabietes) test on tuesday, I still havent heard anything back yet sooooo, I guess no news is good news! I also got my rogram shot, which I will probably have to get after the little one is here too ( its a shot I have to get because Zacks blood is positive and mine negative). I am so glad that the Holidays are here, its totally takiing my mind off of the pregnancy. I have found that not finding out what the sex is of the baby really has been a $ saving decision, I am guilty of buying things that I really dont need at times and this is really taking the urges out of it! The nursery still isnt ready but I am not worried about it Zack still has 2 months and he is great with tools and has an eye for remodeling. I am really feeling that its another boy...But I think I will cry harder if I hear that we get another little Girl! It would be nice to break the boy streak, for Zyans sake anyway( I think Zack would agree, but Zy wants to remain Queen of the Boys!) Post me a comment on what you think it will be, it will be fun to see what others are thinking/hoping for!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Was Sunday "ON" or not????

I missed some of you guys last night! We were hoping that it was going to be a full house at Granny and Grandpas. Although we did love spending time with those who were there....We love watching Brock crawl around and chew on things. It only reminds us of what is to come (YIKES!) Well anyway until the next "ON" Sunday!