Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Total Coupon Dork

Last week I collected coupons from neighbors to get stocked up on this rice I like to eat with fish. It was the Uncle Bens Wild and Long grain rice but its the kind you heat in the Microwave for 90 sec and your done. I also scored some I can't believe its not butter for an unbelieveable price. I ended up with 18 packs of rice and 8 things of butter for 50 cents each. I was on cloud nine. Then this week the ads came in and I am just as excited for Nalley pickles to be on sale 3 for $5 so 1.66 each and I have 8 x 75 cent coupons for those. I am picking up some chex cereal for 1.25 a box and General Mills cereal for 1.66 a box. Oh and crackers for 1.25 a box. I am in coupon dork heaven right now!!
I had a brag worthy shopping experience today. I had a bunch of BOGO coupons for beauty products and I also scored on buying some things at target all with coupons that gave me a $5 gift card. By the way I used my Red Card and save 5% to boot! So all of the items in the picture for $60.81 and they gave me $5.00.