Monday, May 5, 2008


I have recently taken over the responsibility of being my childrens preschool teacher. We pick a 2-3 week theme and find books, movies and of course a field trip! Currently we are studing about FARMS! I didnt realize how much fun this would be for me but I have learned a lot about farm animals from the books we read. I also had forgotten how wonderful the book Charlottes Web is, which completely fits in with the FARM! We just had a field trip to the Thanksgiving point farm which was awesome, it even came with a pony ride. We are studing up some more this week and plan to end our FARM weeks with a trip to Wheeler Farm! I hope to post some pictures soon!

Z&H Hinckley Family

Established in 2001 and still going strong. We just moved to Herriman/Riverton area right on the border of both cities so thats why I cant pick just one. Zack and I have been married for almost 7 years and we have 2 kids. Zyan is 5 and loves to pretend and sing. Chazz is 3 and he loves any kind of sport. We started Huskiez Landscaping in 2002 after Zack graduated from Utah State, its a landscaping and lawn matinence company. We LOVE all the work that having a home, family and business brings our way!