Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Total Coupon Dork

Last week I collected coupons from neighbors to get stocked up on this rice I like to eat with fish. It was the Uncle Bens Wild and Long grain rice but its the kind you heat in the Microwave for 90 sec and your done. I also scored some I can't believe its not butter for an unbelieveable price. I ended up with 18 packs of rice and 8 things of butter for 50 cents each. I was on cloud nine. Then this week the ads came in and I am just as excited for Nalley pickles to be on sale 3 for $5 so 1.66 each and I have 8 x 75 cent coupons for those. I am picking up some chex cereal for 1.25 a box and General Mills cereal for 1.66 a box. Oh and crackers for 1.25 a box. I am in coupon dork heaven right now!!
I had a brag worthy shopping experience today. I had a bunch of BOGO coupons for beauty products and I also scored on buying some things at target all with coupons that gave me a $5 gift card. By the way I used my Red Card and save 5% to boot! So all of the items in the picture for $60.81 and they gave me $5.00.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Homestead

Our last trip of the summer took us up the Provo Canyon to the little nestled mountain valley town of Midway UT. We couldnt have picked a better time to go there with the changing of the seasons the mountians had the most beautiful views. Zoey pointed out that this must be where the Lorax lives becuse there are truffala trees in the mountians. We stayed 3 nights at the Homestead resort. It did not disappoint. The landscaping was beautiful and they had enough activites to keep my little family happy. We swam, golfed, shopped, horseback ride, went snorkeling in the 65ft warm crater. I even read a whole book while Zack wathed the BYU vs Utah game. We enjoyed wonderful snacks, the Simons restraunt, the Franny's diner and visited some friends in Heber. We had a wonderful time bringing our family closer together and enjoying some quality time!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This was an exciting day for little Zoey Lou. She has been waiting for months to go to preschool. She was so onery getting ready to go today. The most funny thing she threw a fit about was that she had no papers in her back pack, only a rock and a hairbrush. I had to tell her the papers come from school and she was all set if she really had a rock and a hair brush in her pack! She had no problems with me leaving her, and she reports that preschool is so much fun!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Just not my thing....

I should really be better at telling about my kids and our lives. Honestly most of the time I have very little spare time and this is just one of those things I push off until later. But I had to share these pictures!! Zack took them in our back yard and I think they turned out very nice.