Thursday, November 5, 2009

Family Vacation part II !

I am going to try to do this in a few posts because we took a lot of pictures and it was so much fun I want to do it justice. We boarded the cruise ship on Oct. 25th at 2:30. We were so lost, the ship was huge and being first time cruisers we kind of had to stumble around and figure out how things are done. We found our rooms and they were awesome! I am so glad we had 2 because then we could watch our own shows and get away from each other. I think at times it was the best thing for all of us!!! We sailed for 2 days south along the baja penninsula and each day it got warmer and hotter! While aboard we got to play put put golf, swim and go on a water slide! We watched a bunch of drunk people sing karoke and ate some of the best food ever! The kids enjoyed camp carnival most of the sailing days which provided activities for their specific have to see some of the pictures from the camp activities, they really do a great job. My favorite part was the dining room. We ate there 70% of the time for the ease of ordering and having your food brought to you. There was also a buffet style of eating but with the 3 kids that was hard to carry all the food/drinks and have everyone be happy. Dinner time we got to pick a starter each and a main dish and a fabulos dessert. All of it was mouth watering. There was one night that was cruise elegant and it was like prom on the ship, I felt underdressed in my sunday clothes that is how fancy people got. One other luxury was the fact they clean your room 2 times a day! They also leave a cute towel animal every night on the end of your bed, one night they left a monkey hanging from the lights. On Tuesday was our first port day in Puerto Villarta Mexico, and I will tell you about that in my next post.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Family Vacation!

First Disney Land then a Cruise to the Mexican Riviera! 10 days of Fun, Fun, Fun! We flew into Long Beach and stayed at the Carousel Inn right across the street from Disney Land! Diane and Taylor (Grandma and Aunt) meet us there and even had joining rooms with us! We had 2 day park hopper passes and our first day at Disney Land was on Friday. Because Diane had ankle surgery and had a wheel chair we got to go to the front of all the lines!!! (If I have any suggestions about going to disney land take someone with you that needs a wheel chair!) My favorite ride was the Peter Pan one, Zack liked the Buzzlight year where you got to shoot targets. Chazz loved Jedi Training and Zyan loved getting a makeover at the Bibbidy Bobity botique. Zoey loved all the lights and music! Now that I have been to Disney Land I would love to compair it to Disney World....Maybe that is the making for another family vacation!! I am posting the cruise pictures seperate...I am all out of Bloggin time.